hey everyone-- I'm back, but I've moved. 

I'm over here now. Still on Blogger. 

I am VERY proud of what remains here. 

We are all doing well. The kids are all doing great: moving on with their futures... we still have the same two horses. The new pony ended up rescuing my daughter like only an equine can, with warm hugs around a strong neck. 

My Guardian Angels in a Conference
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. A special Thank You to the friends here who have contacted me over the last four years. It made a difference then, and it still makes a big difference now as I remember all your kindness stretching out from the corners of the blogosphere. 

Never question the impact you make.

I will be writing about many aspects of my life, but since we are involved with the horses every day, I am sure there will be plenty of equine posts. In fact, one of my first is about Dream's 'big moment' running away with me (at a walk, of course.) 

He is the most wonderful gentleman I have ever known. 

I hope you are all great. I look forward to sharing with you all again.


Intrepid, 2010 (IRE)
Northern Dancer, Sir Gaylord, Never Bend,
Round Table, Raise A Native, Nashua,
Mr. Prospector, Alydar, Danzig
Seattle Slew
Invincible Spirit (IRE)

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