** Note 2** My Comments Won't Post

Hello, all! Just another note about my being unable to leave comments: my genius-techie son is going to check the Java for me when he is home from college this weekend; I have also been advised to try Google Chrome, which I may do...meanwhile, I am still reading and going to catch up like last time as soon as I can!

We are doing alright here: the temperatures went from -5 degrees F to a possible in the 40's today, which feels like a thermal whiplash. We have hardly any snow this winter: definitely the least amount of snow I have seen since coming to Vermont in 1999 (13 winters). However, it has been a year of almost constant ice on the ground. 

This Cardinal stared coming the first winter after my sister died.

I think an early spring is coming, also. Our male Cardinal has recently shown up with a female! Also, a pair of foxes ran down the road alongside my car one evening last week . That same night, a small herd of deer who crossed the road in front of me were already down from their winter deer yard.

So! Here's to shedding out horses before we know it...

p.s. sorry for the blurry photo!

* update: I have only had the chance to experiment with two sites so far, but I have been able to leave comments there~! Yippee! We'll see if my problem has self-resolved...


Linda said...

I agree. I think it's an early spring all around. We're having unseasonably warm weather as well.

I had problems leaving comments, too, but I solved it by downloading a new web browser--Google Chrome. My old Internet Explorer was starting to give me lots of error messages. Google Chrome solved my issues immediately. It was the easiest fix I've ever come up with! good luck!

Dreaming said...

Don't you just love having a genius techie son? I do! Although sometimes I hear that deep sigh and catch a little look of disgust that I have messed things up!!!

lmel said...

Yes, quite a strange winter with so little snow. I just hope we don't have a repeat of the drought that hit us a few years back--NOT FUN! I'll take a ton of snow over that.
The fur will be flying off the horses soon, at this rate.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That is a striking cardinal. And how nice that he is bringing the Missus around with him. I think the females are very beautiful too. They are my favorite wild birds and I miss them; we don't have any here in Colorado.