Looking Ahead

Hello, hello, and hello! This is just a quick visit before I update with a much longer post after Christmas. I'm not that busy with the holiday: I just want to introduce Ginger, because her full name, as middle-names-given-by-my-daughter go, is Ginger Christmas Cookie~ and if that is your name, then you should be on a horse blog at Christmastime, if one is available to you...

She came with the name Ginger, and has no known birth date, so we gave her Christmas day for a birthday, also.


Here she is on our family Christmas Card:

Ginger and Aislinn 2011
I have lots more "catch-up" news and things to write in 2012, but right now I just wanted to do this quick introduction. I will tell more about Ginger soon, also.

(Don't worry: Ebony and Dreamer are on our Christmas card, too!) I will make sure those photos get posted in later posts.

I am going to link to here, last year's Christmas Post, which a lot of people seemed to enjoy, and now just re-reading it, I really like it: it gives me peace, and its overall theme is still timely for the moment.

I will hopefully spend the rest of the holidays catching up on all your blogs! Thank you for being a place I can always come to to talk horses, The two are inseparable!

Many Blessings,

Sir Gallahad, Teddy, Equipiose, Ajax, Spearmint,
Swinging, Man O' War, St. Simon, Sweep, Broomstick,
Flying Fox