Lil E. Tee

What a wild ride I have been on! And I don’t mean just the horses…

We dropped our oldest (Saul) off at Norwich University on August 21, 2011. He had a great time during Rook Week and made a lot of friends, but once the academics started, things really started to open up to him as far as his dreams are concerned. 

He has been admitted to the NUCAC-DF team, as a freshman. He was passed through two programming classes and can double major in Computer Security and Computer Science if he wants to and still keep his math minor.

After seeing everything that is offered at the department, Saul decided to drop the Cadet program. He does not have plans to commission into the military, and the extra hours can be spent on his academics and special projects for the NUCAC-DF. He is able to commute to classes this semester, and he may take up residency next semester if something opens up before snow seriously flies.

In all this time, Dream met me at the barn every day with his warm calm eyes and his own personality which kept me grounded. Aislinn and I enjoyed him and Ebony every day.

Hurricane Irene came through our state during this time. It took me a while to realize Vermont was on national news for the devastation from the storm. Local big media put together this story.

We just noticed that all the water and wind have slightly bowed one of the walls in the animals' barn. Scott and some of the boys have been out there reinforcing it.

The official start-up date for our homeschool is this upcoming week. I will have even less time to write while the weather is still comfortable, but what I like best is reading the updates everyone else posts.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

Lil E. Tee*, 1989
Won 1992 Kentucky Derby
Buckpasser, Bold Ruler, Northern Dancer,
Mahmoud, Princequillo

*This post is named after the horse that won the Kentucky Derby on May 2, 1992. I don’t have to look up the date, because it was within fifteen minutes of Saul’s birth nineteen years ago that that race was run--and won!