Go Litely

It has required "going lightly" to keep up with family excitement, worries, and horses.

It’s been going well with my goals for the horses this summer. Dream and I are now finally working in the Arena, and Aislinn and I have been able to ride Ebony down there. Aislinn had a nice ride on Ebony yesterday. I have to remember that she started riding much younger than I did, so I cannot expect her to be able to do the type of riding I did at a later age when I started.

Lake Champlain's Northern Lights cruise boat
Scott and I went on a Lake Champlain Northern Lights cruise with Saul on a send-off event from the Norwich Alumni and Family Association. I usually get sick on big boats. It was my first time using Dramamine, and I was relieved that I felt fine and could enjoy myself.

We have been having special days with Saul. He is on leave from his job now and does not leave for Norwich until Aug. 21. I am so happy and excited for him. I guess the actual missing will derail me later, which is’s for a good cause!

I submitted my first book for publication to an agency. They say it takes about five years of rejections before you are published. I’m suspecting the process is just as important as the final outcome. I’ll be submitting to more agents, then book publishers, and then working on the next book to submit.

I am happy to have some indoor time cooling off today, and will be seeing what everyone is up to with their horses and otherwise, soon. Happy August!

Go Litely, 1985
Bold Ruler, Ribot, War Admiral, Pocahontas
Nasrullah and Man O' War each 2ce
Princequillo and Tourbillon