Without Omen

It's coming!  Winter Riding

Our "first snow" came and went two weeks ago when we were away for a wedding.

This morning, this is what we awoke to...

some wet cover on pines and grass
It makes me feel comfy and new. I already have my little "Let It Snow" sign hanging up in the living room. (If you can't beat 'em...)

Do you have any favorite winter riding products or tricks to keep warm?
(Like riding bareback.)

After 2 years I have accumulated, from Mountain horse: the Original jacket, the Fusion paddock shoes, and the Polar breeches. I have my Darn Tough Vermont wool socks. I'm headed for a pair of Heritage extreme winter riding gloves. There's the static-free helmet liner and face mask, easy to find up here (45 minutes from Canada). And the free Patagonia long underwear from my best friend. And the Carhartt wick-dry undershirt for Christmas, from my son Saul. So far I can heartily recommend all of the above.

Dover Saddlery has been having regular sales on the Mt. Horse winter breeches, their Original coat, and the Fusion footwear.

Without Omen, 1974.


juliette said...

Sounds like you are ready! I know Baystatebrumby is in western Mass and she adds hand warmers and boot warmers to your list. I admit, I think winter is pretty - in pictures! The idea of winter is a nice one - the reality is something different altogether! I like to groom and ride in the winter. I do not like barn chores like scrubbing buckets in the winter.
Your morning snow photo is perfect!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Wow, snow already! Ugh...I'm fighting the realization of winter soon approaching. I am looking at the Mountain Horse winter pants that are windproof..they are costly but I may have to do it.