Dream and me
I thought I should put this post up in case I leave comments and someone wants to check back. I had six month's worth of posts on here from Dream's Birthday in 2008 (March) until September of that year. I took them down: they were mostly about my exploration of natural horsemanship with our 2 horses. I've saved them in my training/notes binder.

I hope that I am able to offer the same comradeship I need, mostly: supporting, encouraging, understanding, and reveling in life with our OTTB and other horses.

There is more about me/us under the page tab above.

Hope you have a great day-

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Present, 1854.

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Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Dream is a beauty! :) You and I have had our OTTB's about the same time..I will have had Laz for 2 yrs next month, and he's 9 yrs old.