Turning Point

It's the Third Day, and HOPE is still in the air.

I am in love with the future for the first time.

We, all who know what I am talking about--
have been inspired, and united...

"He's done IT!
After 37 years,
American Pharoah
has won the Triple Crown!!!"

No one ever heard anything like the roar of 90,000 fans at Belmont that day. They were all fans by the time American Pharoah went speeding home in his last quarter mile at 24.32 seconds, taking .68 seconds off the record for the final part of the race. 

American Pharoah's team generously donated their winnings to cancer research, Thoroughbred horse rescue, and many other charities. It has been so wonderful sharing news of their generosity with my 6 children, since the 2015 Belmont was run on the 3 year anniversary of losing their father to cancer. 

My almost 13 year old daughter and I watched the race next door at our neighbor's. Our OTTB's grandsire won the Triple Crown when I was almost her age!

She knows she has witnessed History.

Her 5 Brothers also kept track of the race.

Sharing that historic moment together was wonderful!!

I just want to say a hearty, BIG 


We were told for years that this 
 most difficult feat in all of American sports
was unachievable in the new racing era. 

American Pharoah, as we know, ran straight and long-strided, gliding his way-- and making the seemingly impossible look effortless. 

Hyperion, Nasrullah, Hail to Reason,
Northern Dancer, Secretariat, Ribot,
Storm Bird, Blushing Groom


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

How nice to hear from you!

I thought it was a just about perfect Triple Crown run. No controversy. Trainer, owners and jockey all seem to love their horse. And best of all - it still can't touch Secretariat's Belmont. I don't think I want to witness the race that eclipses that memory for me.

Interestingly - I read that American Pharaoh's connections are planning to race him at least a couple more times this year...

Maybe next post you'll return to the thoroughbred feature you used to do? I always looked forward to it. Take care! :D

allhorsestuff said...

Hi sweetie, I too may start new blog...can't get into my old one Kacy w Wa