Heaven's Gain

Today is Ebony's first birthday in heaven. We bought some wildflower seeds to scatter in the field she was born in. Below is Aislinn with Ginger~

"I trust you."
 Aislinn and Ginger

I had three days of driving Scott back and forth to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH, to the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. A visiting friend drove one of the days (out of four) and literally saved my butt. We are at a place whose care is at the same level as Dana Farber (Boston) and Sloan-Kettering (NY). Our oncologist is wonderful; all the people there are wonderful; I highly recommend them.

On my first day back home again, I woke up exhausted and fell back asleep on the couch. Then my first choice of therapy was going to the barn with Aislinn. We had a wonderful couple of hours. She even rode Ginger around the pasture, bareback, with reins clipped to the halter. Noah helped me groom Dreamport. Dream was very affectionate and appreciative. We were both happy for the time together, I think. I also think Dream needs me a lot since Ebony has died.

After that, I took the kids fishing at the river. (No luck, so we bought hot chocolates.) There is a river that runs through our town, and we own 100 feet on its bank.The rivers have been stocked with trout. I do not like hurting fish with hooks, but my kids got started on fishing with their Dad. I dozed while they fished!

Today I bought a grazing muzzle for Ginger. Our pastures are growing. She needs a muzzle just a bit larger around the nose than little miss Welsh Ebony did. I hope I can encourage Ginger to use the muzzle. We will see! First, I have to get that rubber smell out of it. I think strapping that to her nose right now would be cruel!

I hope everyone is having a nice spring. We are supposed to have beautiful weather all week. Scott has another 3 days of treatment the first week of May. Our oldest child will be 20 years old that week. I don’t really ‘see’ much further than that right now: Caleb has a graduation in June; Aislinn has a birthday in July...maybe my life will not be more turned upside down than it already is, by then.

Tonight, on my way to the barn, I just had to thank the horses for making some of-- and in many ways, the very worst-- days of my life…still have moments that are memorably wonderful. Thank goodness for the horses and the children for this, and for friends and family and community. We are in God's Hands, no matter what.

"In the world ye shall have tribulation: 
but be of good cheer; 
I have overcome the world."
John 16:33

 Heavens Gain, 2000
Count Fleet, Northern Dancer, Hail to Reason,
Ribot, Bold Ruler, Bull Lea, Mahmoud

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