Plan B

Well, since I can't leave comments, I'll comment here!

I want to start by saying I am floored, absolutely astonished, by everything that is going on in everyone's horse life and otherwise lately!

That is not what is really taking my breath away: it is the beauty I see in all the reactions to it. I do not know how I have been away from you all for so long. I think I was making the old mistake of working harder and denying myself pleasure when life got rough, as if that would somehow make it better. (It doesn't; we know it doesn't.)

I am making comments here only on the blogs I have been able to get to so far ~

Attentiveness and Flexibility  Juliette returned from sunny Florida and bravely asked questions when she brought her fresh (dare I say, 'vacationed?') perspective home with her. I have missed reading here!

Introspection and Boldness  Kacy faces grief over the sudden loss of Freyda-cat and uses the experience to re-examine what is important in life, with some beautiful, poetic writing (as usual.) Kacy, your post about your mare's wanting to be out on trail instead of at home reminds me so much of Ebony! God Bless you. 

Honesty and Hope  Carol deals with a sarcoid that keeps getting worse (so far) instead of better. She and her husband both ride and show dressage. Encouragement and patience to you, Carol.

Just Plain Cool  I have been wanting to point readers to Imel for such a long time!!! She inspires me. She goes out there riding trails with John joining her somewhere, I mean these 2 are an adventure team (I am always telling my Scott about their adventures). Imel, I am now completely lost and I obviously have to do some back-reading on your blog. The last I knew, it was you guys and Harley, (?) unless I've missed something (which would not be new for me, at all) and now I am reading about all kinds of fillies and I just have to catch up...! Imel is my neighbor (Maine) so I have someone to share the weather with. For some reason, blogger IS letting me post on Imel's blog, but I wanted to point readers to her, anyway.

Sensitivity and Courage  Annette welcomes a new family member in Winston and reassures the existing herd, especially Jackson, who may be moving into his new career as an equine and human therapist..? I take heart in your in assessing the present and grasping the future to include your dreams while staying true to good sense and a loyal heart. 

Outlook and Youth  Dreaming has always been such a faithful friend. Now that a Haflinger saved our Dream from death-by-grief, we will always have a special place in our hearts for them. Being a Tolkien/ Lord of the Rings fan, I am delighted to read about Meriadoc and Pippin and all the other goings on where people live happily ever after. (Anyone who has been married 30+ years and calls her husband 'incredible' automatically gets my reading.)

Integrity and Purpose Way to stand up for what's right! Jen is a family girl who knows her horse stuff and has graciously answered my questions about teaching children to ride, which inspired me to purchase and read Teaching Children to Ride (Wallace).

Insightful and Hardworking  Calm, Forward, Straight : these words define how I'd like to behave each and every day. It doesn't always happen. I love reading about the big grey gelding and his lovely person. I hope Dream and I get to try some dressage one day. I think that is what he is 'meant' for because he loves to use his body and is so smart. Reading here is helpful for me because it's about much more than riding dressage: it's inner voice and feel.

Diligence and Faithfulness  Training Baron I have been reading over here for a long time. This horse person went from a serious wound on her horse past this year to a reserve champion at just their second show together, AND she is a Mom of two very young ones!

Activism and Education  Linda has been keeping up to date with the issue of her riding park being taken and used for development! I love reading about Linda's goings-on with her herd of horses.  She also writes about T-Touch.

Individuality and Art  Once Upon an Equine always writes about so many interesting things and, WOW! Cattle sorting! Doesn't that just sound amazing? I am so impressed and inspired! This blog reflects many sentiments that I feel are probably universal for many of its readers. It is a unifying place to be.

Whew! That was fun. I am going to have to do this again with the blog reads I catch up on, interspersed between updates of my own crazy hectic harrowing sweetly surprising life. If your blog is not on this page, I've probably read it, and haven't been able to "write back" yet!

Thank you everyone for the inspiration and renewed hope I have received from you all.
- Allison

Plan B,2005
War Admiral, Teddy, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Raise A Native,
Alydar, Danzig, Nearco, Mr. Prospector...


Annette said...

Thanks for the comment and for recognizing my blog! I hope I can live up to your kind words--

Allison said...

You are welcome Annette and I think you already have! :-)

lmel said...

It's been a busy year for us--if you go to the Filly Follies page on my blog, you can find out about our 2 new OTTB's that arrived in the fall. We've had our hands full, but I'm not complaining! John and I have been stymied by the weather recently but hope to get out on the trails soon. Now we don't have to share the wheeled mount--the bike is parked at the barn, just in case. Happy reading Allison!:)
Lisa and her gang

juliette said...

Allison! What a great idea and perfect way to handle the commenting problem. This is so much better! I may steal this idea sometime - I love it.

Thank you for the kind words about my perspective.

Great, perceptive, caring post!

Story said...

When I had trouble commenting on people's blogs I solved the problem by switching web browsers. IE seems to hate blogger!

I have an award for you at my blog :)

Dreaming said...

You were right, this was a fun post to read, too! I enjoyed each snippet and have since visited several of the blogs... more to come.
Thanks for the comments about my guys.... the two four-legged ones and the two-legged "Mr. Wonderful"

Allison said...

Imel Thank you for the personal update! I am so happy for you all!!

Juliette Your encouragement is like a sunny day! :-) Thank You.

Story Hi! And thank you! I've been using Firefox; I'll try something different. Your blog is next and Thank you for the award! I'll try to do it soon. :-)

Dreaming, Thank you--I am glad you had fun,and you are so welcome!

Thanks ALL.

Story said...

Google's Chrome seems to be the most Blogger friendly. Can't say it's my favorite web browser ever but the Blogger issues convinced me to switch.

Allison said...

Alright, I'm going to have to give it a shot! I can always still use another browser when I'm not at Blogger...Thank You!! I'll post if it works.

allhorsestuff said...

HA! Now that was totally COOL reading...I too am viviting others because of this very neat way of commenting!!
You are onto something here girl..when life gives you lemons...make the lemonaide(sweetly!)
Thanks for the nice sentiment toward me and Wa and Ebony-soulmares.

Allison said...

You are welcome! :-)

That's right: who say's "can't"!! lol