RoughN' Tumble

After finishing the grazing pastures (May), in which the final one was held up for two weeks while Scott’s back was out, we had a month of baseball (June). My computer was also down for about three weeks for a swipe and updating.

The horses enjoyed the new pastures and had some riding.

As soon as baseball was over, I prepared for my New Jersey Family’s Second Annual Camping Weekend at our house (camping out in our soccer field). We had a wonderful time; it was over July 4th week end and the weather was beautiful. We enjoyed the property, the pool, the rivers, and each other. I rode Dream for my Mom, and Aislinn rode Ebony, and my nephew (age 4) had a pony ride which Ebony wanted to give.

Unfortunately, the morning they were leaving, my Mom stepped wrong off the steps and fractured her ankle in three places. She has surgery in New Jersey this Friday, so that is where I will be this weekend. Yes, it makes one absolutely ill to consider the pain that someone you love so much is in. I keep reminding myself that this is temporary, can be fixed, and she can heal. My mother will be 70 this year. As usual, being near the horses offers the utmost in feelings of "right now is okay"-ism.

me and Dream  July 2011

So far, I am meeting certain goals with the horses. Dreamer and I have been as far as the bottom of the arena. I’ve been having issues with him working alone too far from the barn. You cannot see the barn from the arena because it is two fields away from, and lower than, the barn. Dream asked to go to the bottom of the field with the arena in it. We were riding outside the arena. I figured if he could go comfortably around the arena, he’d be better off inside it.

The first time I brought him into the arena, I left the gate open; I showed him the open gate. He was to be lunged with tack on. He panicked and called for Ebony as soon as I led him into the arena. He trotted nervously on the lunge line. When he was able to walk and hoe on the lunge on both directions with his focus on me, we ended. It did not take long to reach that point.

My rides on him have been pleasant with a lot of discussion. I went off once when he was exploring an area near Scott’s vegetable garden. Something moved in the bushes, and I was not ready as he lurched violently to the right. I am fine from the fall.

Ebony worked well and honestly for me in the arena. My goals for her, besides her diet (more on that after), are her ability to maintain a gait and maybe learn to carry a rider at a canter this year. Here she is with her favorite rider.

Aislinn and a slimmer Ebony  July 2011

Ebony has not resisted the grazing muzzle. Her new reduced weight is being maintained with the muzzle on during grazing hours, except for one hour at evening. When they come down for the night the grazing muzzle comes off. They both get a little hay before and after grazing, and they have access to the barn and water during all grazing hours.

If anyone needs a grazing muzzle recommendation, I definitely recommend the Shire's brand grazing muzzle.  You can read my review of it here. I did sew moleskin onto ours, as Ebony developed a sore under her jaw, but the muzzle came very soft in materials initially. Ebony healed right up.

I hope to visit blogs. All of the nice weather hours are spent in advance, it seems. I hope everyone is having a wonderful, SAFE summer. I really want to see what is going on with everyone.

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Spearmint, Ajax, St. Simon,
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Linda said...

I like that grazing muzzle, and she looks wonderful from using it. Sorry about your mom's injury. My mom had a bad injury on a family trip with us once, too. It was horrible. Since then, she hasn't gone on any more trips.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sounds like you're doing good work with the horses, and enjoying your summer. Glad the parting of the ways wasn't too bad ;)

Very sorry to hear about your Mom's injury. I wish her a speedy and comfortable recovery!

ToCatchAPony said...

I'd buy that just for the colour....all I need is a horse now! Good to see you back. Ant :)

lmel said...

Don't you just love it when they spook and toss you in the puckerbrush! Hang on, I tell myself, every time Harley whirls left. Never a dull ride, is it!

Dreaming said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom's ankle. Poor woman!
Your camping weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun. It is wonderful when families can get together like that - and how convenient to be in your 'back yard'!

Allison said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!

ToCatchAPony, you made me laugh. :-)

Linda, I hope your Mom tries it again, soon!

It's good to visit again.